Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anne's Raw Lemon Bars

I made this off the top of my head the other day, 'tis excellent. Mostly raw if not totally... I used what I have, feel free to exclude the lime or change anything up how it feels good for you. I'm just recording my recipe as closely as to what I did Sunday!
- 1/4 c Agar agar flakes
- 1.5 c hot water
- 4 lemons, 1 lime
- 1/2 c raw agave nectar
- approx.20 macadamia nuts
- 1/4 c cashew nuts
- 1/2 c fresh coconut meat
- raw unsweetened coconut flakes
- 1 c raw oats
Place the agar agar in a small glass dish with the hot water, stir just enough to dissolve flakes, cover and let set on countertop. When set, it will be highly gelatinous. Peel the lemons and lime and place them in a food processor, add the agave nectar, coconut meat, about 6 macadamia nuts and the cashews. Mince the rind of one half of lemon, add it to the food processor, save the remaining rinds. Blend this all together in the food processor for a minute or two. Once set, take the agar agar mixture and add it to the food processor with the other ingredients, blend until creamy and smoothe. Add more agave nectar to taste.
While waiting for the agar agar to set you can make the crust!
Place Macadamia nuts, 12-18 (these make the crust more "buttery" so keep that in mind as you add them, just enough to help it stick together nicely) and raw oats, blend in food processor until little buttery crumbles form. Empty this crust mixture into a glass rectangular dish (maybe 9"x9" or so), use a spatula to spread the crust evenly then use the smooth bottom of a glass to tamp the crust down and compact it.
Pour the filling over the crust, cover and set in the refridgerator. Once the filling mixture has set, in about an hour, add coconut flakes and lemon zest across the top of the bars for a nice finish!

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