Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Avocado Toast

A good time to get some extra fats in your day is breakfast in my experience because of the way fat acts as an energy source. We've all heard about "healthy fats" by now, and here's an excellent way to get some to start your day off in better balance with your earthly vessel. xo

-Hempseed toast (French meadow bakery out of Minneapolis makes this excellent bread, it's in the freezer section at our co-op in Bloomington. I keep mine in the freezer and just toast when wanted since I don't eat much bread)
-Avocado (not too squishy, not to firm...)
-Flax seed oil (found in refrigerated items at most food co-ops)
-Kelp granules (I bought mine in bulk and just refill a shaker I already have)

In this version of avocado toast, flax oil replaces butter on the bread, kelp granules replace salt. I eat a little kelp everyday as it's a great natural source for some bonus nutrients you won't find in most salts.
I accompanied my avocado toast with a couple radishes, which the French have long-indulged in as a breakfast food. I leave the stems and roots on my radish because, by gum, there's great nutrients in there too and they don't taste bad at all! Dip the radish in a little flax oil and kelp granules.
Healthy food tastes good and needn't be complicated to prepare. When you keep your food choices simple and pay attention to the amount of nutrition you get per square inch of whatever you buy, you'll find that eating healthy can be very affordable when you choose your food carefully, which is a good idea anyway! Healthy foods satisfy your body at a deep level nutritionally and so you also should find yourself craving LESS food, which saves you cash! Whoopee! Things to think about while you munch on your avocado toast and devise beautiful ways to save humanity and the planet earth.
Lots of love
(April 3, 2011)

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