Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Babaji Cabbaji - Enlightenment in a Bowl

This is a very easy one, requires zero cooking.

the basic ingredients:

-purple cabbage
-wakame (dry seaweed)
-minced ginger
-flax seeds
-hemp seeds
-sesame oil

variations in ingredients:

I also sometimes put different seeds, like sunflower seeds, or add cubes of tofu, kelp granules. If you want, try with a little agave nectar or honey mixed with the braggs and sesame oil for a different taste to the dressing. You might try adding a little flax oil to this. I don't always put the raw ginger. You can buy frozen edamame and thaw it under running water and add that for protein instead of tofu!

general benefits:

Cilantro is great for metal detoxing in the body. Flax is good for glands, and seaweed contains iodine which is beneficial in reasonable doses for your thyroid. Raw ginger always feels very cleansing, I don't peel it. Purple cabbage has great antioxidants.

...lots of options, play with it. You may be surprised how good it tastes and how good you feel. It's really a complete meal in itself when you add the right amount of protein in the form of seeds, nuts, or beans.

You can make a batch of this and keep it 3-4 days for a quick meal ready in your fridge.

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